Friday, May 02, 2003

I never realized so much could happen in two days. Wednesday at Bible Study I learned that Brooke's dad had a heart attack on Monday and had open heart surgery Wed. It's like one of those moments you really understand how precious life really is. Anyways Pris, Claire, Nick, and I went to the Hospital and wondered around till we figured out where to go. Hospitals have always scared me, but the visit was worth it. Brooke and her mom were in a good mood because his surgery went well and they had already taken off the respirator. It was great seeing how happy they were.
On a lighter note, I've finished the last English paper of my high school career! Kinda scary, but then I realize, the worse is yet to come: college. I've found an awesome room mate for the summer at least, and I'm excited. The only thing I'll miss is not being home with my friends and going on trips. well, and my family, as much as that's hard to say. Well I do believe the bell is about to ring for 3rd period, so I'm out.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Wow, nothing like a whole day with second graders to give you a splitting headache, I'm feeling it to. Today was a lot of fun though. We learned about friends all day, saw a movie (The Paper Bag Princess- it was rather good!), and Tim managed to tear down the permanent clock fixed in his classroom. We also told funny stories and had a screaming contest ( headache). I did manage to have a little run in with one the boys, but Mrs. Taylor scared him half to death, so there was no problems. Fine Arts Banquet went well. Everyone in Heart to Heart was terrific! Nothing like last minute work! Now we have our ever popular 70s stuff to memorize and learn. Well I'm gonna go take some Advil, so have fun!

Song of Moment: Million Pieces by Newsboys (one of those songs that you find and realize "Hey this is what I'm all about!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Well hello! It's Tuesday and I'm in Chemistry class.... yeah I'm being lazy. Somehow We (Chem class) managed to get out of the dreaded quiz.... Wish everyday was this good. Tomorrow I'm spending the whole day with my Adopt a Trojan Class talking about Friends, it should be fun! Well the bell just rang for break, and I'm hungry. But I have to go to a senior meeting, fun! ok TTFN

Monday, April 28, 2003

Well hey, never done this before (a little nervous) , who am I kidding? Well am I supposed to have an emotion outpour of emotion and tell my deepest darkest secrets? You'd like me to, I know. But no, I'm open to expressing feelings, it's nice to open about them, but not too open. You know, sometimes I wish I was poetic and could read into things and be real deep, then maybe I'd get a good grade on my Hollow Man paper that I don't even understand.

Well Fine Arts Banquet is tomorrow night and Beth, Sarah, and I will be singing "Baby Love" and then Larkin, Beth, Stephanie, and I will be singing "I'll be There" with Ronnie playing the piano. It should be great fun, and please clap, even if I suck on the really high notes. Also Forever Plaid is having a renuion and should be all grand!

Umk, well despite the awful senioritis that I have been experiencing lately, I do have homework, I'll leave you lovely people to your wonderful daydreaming and procrastination.

Song? I don't know why but I've had "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson stuck in my head, great lyrics though.