Tuesday, March 30, 2004

So I was thinking this weekend, actually in middle of my choir concert.... that thing is so long, i think half way b/t not being able to feel my feet and feeling like passing out is when i started thinking about everything. I've done a really poor job of keeping up w/ my friends at home and austin, and well that's when i realized i've now just focused on one life, my school and how far behind i've fallen behind. And then I've found time to surf my friends blogs, and realize how much i've separated myself from everyone's lives. Anyways, its depressing.
Friday i'm going to Switchfoot concert in Austin, it should be AWESOME! I'm excited, if you couldn't tell. Then saturday is Andie, Elizabeth, and my date with.... chobas? lol... this should be interesting, anyways, looking forward to the river walk :o) can't get better than that. Went to the advisor and realized how much i'm really behind in my school work, so its another summer spent in school trying to catch up... it should be wonderful.... Its not that i'm trying to graduate in time, just that i'm ready to get out of the classes i have to take and get into the one's i want to take... i.e. i finally get to start aerospace in the fall.. So I figured it out, no one really comes to my sight anyways... partially i guess b/c i haven't been on aim for the past month, but i'm going to try to keep this thing more updated.. i promise... all though the person who made me promise this can't even return an e-mail! YOU! lol
well its off to more wonderful physics goodness....