Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So tonight has been absolute craziness....
It all started w/ my lovely math review which was so packed i had to sit in the floor in the back. So after my butt has been freezing for 2 hours... i call people to go eat, and (just my luck) everyone has either eatin or is eating when i call them. So i grab some wonderfully healthy bernie's and go up to my dorm to enjoy some Will and Grace and Friends. So after a while, elizabeth calls, and i had promised to burn some CDs for her, so she comes over so i can do that.... And (important info here) I'm very specific about where she can park b/c i got two 40$ parking tickets this weekend (1 is going under an appeal right now). So she's literally in my room for maybe 20-30 min... and i escort her down. One minute later I get a call on my cell phone.. "i cant find my car" So i run down to the parking lot, and her car's been towed (stupid (insert bad word here) nazi parking people...) So when i reach the lot, she and this other guy are talking to a policeman about their cars, and the police guy gives them the number to call and offers a ride over to the lot. So on the ride over there, we talk bad about the Transportation Service and the cop says something about his car getting towed and couldn't find it cuz he was hung over and realized it was towed... yea, it was interesting. Anyways.. so we get the car, and there's two tickets on it.. one for 85$ for absolutely nothing.. and another for 40$ for parking at the end of a row... didn't know you got a 40$ ticket for parking in a spot at the end of a row... So i get back to my dorm and realize that i dont have my phone. I figure i left it in elizabeth's car and so i call it, but she doesnt answer... didnt think much of it. So i chill for a while, thinking i can kill maybe an hour... wrong...
around 10, the dorm phone rings... "this is the A&M police department" i'm thinking... oh crap, what did i do?... "did you forget something?" what? forget something.. "what?"
"Do you have your cell phone"... click
"OH... yea, i guess i dropped it in the car...." at the this time the call waiting starts beeping, so i finish my conversation w/ the policeman, and get directions to the station, then click over
.... its my dad
"Adrienne? what's going on?"
" I dont know what you mean dad..."
at this point i can tell... daddy's not very happy w/ me....and i start laughing
of course i explain the whole situation... but he's still not very happy w/ me.....
lol.. so i'm w/out my cell phone for the next day cuz i'm too lazy and tired to get it tonight, and too busy tomorrow... So.. DONT CALL, unless you want to talk to a rather cute policeman ;o).
Gotta make like a baby, and head out