Thursday, July 15, 2004

"The earth's weight has been estimated at six sextillion tons (that's a six with 21 zeros). Yet it is perfectly balanced and turns easily on its axis. It revolves daily at the rate of more than 1,000 miles per hour or 25,000 miles each day. This adds up to nine million miles a year. Considering the tremendous weight of six sextillion tons rolling at this fantastic speed around an invisible axis, held in place by unseen bands of gravitation, the words of Job 26:7 take on unparalleled significance: 'He poised the earth on nothingness'."
The Ragamuffin Gospel 

Monday, July 12, 2004

This weekend was pretty awesome. I got second piercings in my ears. I'm really nervous about coming home though, but i've been wanting these since middle school, so i think it was about time to be brave, and go and do it. I think this is the first weekend I haven't had to worry about anything for a long time. It was awesome! No homework, no nothing... wow. And for those of you freaking out wondering.. she's gone crazy, she always studies... yea, i dropped one of my classes, that took a lot of bravery too. Wow, i've been brave twice this weekend, crazy. So friday night, elizabeth and i got bored, and started walking around campus into random buildings. Well we went by Langsford, and neither of has realized the statue around that area before... well we noticed it about 1 in the morning. And it was freaky. I was talking to Elizabeth and all the sudden she started freaking out, and i turned and looked in the direction she was looking... and there's this crazy guy standing there just staring at us. It was just us and him.. and some shadow of a dog beside him... then we realized... its just a stupid statue... but we both almost had heart attacks. Saturday Elizabeth and I watched Office Space (I love that movie). Then we called Jarrod and got him to take us to Cheddars in his new freak'n awesome car. Then our waiter (a guy) started hitting on Jarrod. It was sad, b/c Jarrod can pick up guys better than we can, the best we can do is those freaky guys in the car next to us today who wouldn't stop staring at us until we turned. Anyways, so we went to see Anchorman last night also... that movie is SO awesome. I laughed so hard, I cried, and i've never done that in a movie. Yea, when it started out, i thought it wasn't going to be funny, but it definitely blew Dodgeball out of the water.
Ok well i'm out
Peace yo