Saturday, June 14, 2003

Another Day

The night was all that I’d once known
When I was small and all alone
Where dreams and visions never played
Towns put on their cheap parade
With cheap trombones and plastic horns
And choirs faking opera songs
I nursed my coffee ‘til the dawn
And waited for another day

The lady on the second floor
She squints her eyes at bills galore
Opens up a cabinet door
Sippin’ on bourbon through the day
She looks upon her mirror glass
Thinks how years have seen her past
She does her cross and dyes her grays
Fears upon another day

Another day, another day
Where dreams, they’re not so far away
Seeds, they grow to lend a branch
Harmonies and second chance


Organized communities
Well, we call ourselves societies
But social is the last we seize when dignity has flown away
But I’m the worst than most of you
I write these words to fill some shoes
Pay some tolls, cheat some dues
Watch my words from far away

Repeat chorus twice

Here’s two colors, mixed and swirled
With wood and blood together twirled
Goodbye my friends, today I’m dead
To resurrect and change the world
Yesterday after class Lauren and I were going to go on a mystery trip w/ the unversity united methodist church, but it got rained out. And I got mud all over my feet and legs from walking around the streets w/ sandals (smart one Adrienne). Then we decided to just chill and go shopping. I found my favorite store ever (Urban Outfitters- Lauren wants the Hot Pink Velvet Buddha Coin Bank) and we went to a few vintage stores, and to Towers where I got an amazing CD! Steven Delopoulos from Burlap to Cashmere has a solo album, and its so good! Well after that we came back to the dorm (and I must say we have the best view in the world out our window!) But after the Spurs game, the dorm watched The Shining... and I must say I've never seen it. Yeah... I leave my comments to that. Tim's family is supposed to come tomorrow and I'm excited to have someone visit me, b/c it gets rather lonesome after a while. I'm so excited! But i'm not looking forward the mounds of homework I have this weekend (yuck!) ok, so its time to make like a baby and head out!!! Actually I need to check on my clothes b/c the last time I checked the washer looked like it would overflow...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Well I had first day of classes and bleh... Actually my English class very much resembles that from high school. Can't get away from the YOU MUST ATTEND mentality. But my Calculus class is pretty cool. My teacher is very spastic and talks and writes faster than I can think, but its all cool. She played music videos as we were coming to class, related graphs and functions to relationships, proceeded to call a graph a slut ( whatever that's supposed to mean), and told us she didn't care if we came to her class or not. We take our tests and quizzes w/ graduate students anyway. Its what I expected and so much more. I'm just missing everyone! Guys please e-mail me! I love that more than anything! My e-mail is or choose one! Also please leave comments. I miss you guys!
Love ya

Monday, June 09, 2003

Hey guys will you please give me suggestions about things to do in Austin. Also would some of you send me pictures? Pretty please? You will have a permanent spot on the shrine of pictures that outline my wall and sea green (yuck) board. Yeah now you see why I need them!!! I know, I'm so demanding. Anyways, I am absolutely in love with Austin and college life!!!! I have this strange feeling that when classes start I won't feel so much that way. By the way, everyone should check out the movie Heartbreakers if your into that hilariously funny kinda love story thing. (Thanks to my lovely and wonderful roomate!!) Oh and my RA (Kausar) is so completely cool!!!! She's got a cold now :o( , but she is so neat :o) Umk, Well I will leave you cause I really want to check out this beautiful church right across from the capitol, but I have to figure out how to get there, considering I've never been on a bus line in my entire life. Yeah its gravy.