Monday, August 09, 2004

Well, had a pretty awesome weekend! Started out spending all day friday painting our engineering project, and i must say... it looks pretty cool. It has monty python stuff all over it, with quotes and stuff. So i finished working on that and then drove to dallas to see andie for her birthday... which is today! we met her and went to see the Manchurian Candidate, which dissapointed me. I thought the original was much better, but the movie was still ok. Then we spent the night in Andie's new really amazing house! Saturday we went shopping at the mall because it was tax free weekend, and the only thing i bought was a cd, which isn't even tax free. Andie forgot to mention where we were eating that night... which was pretty cool, because turns out we went to Medieval Times... which i freak'n love that place! I wanted to cheer for the yellow and red knight because he was so hot, but Elizabeth and Andie got mad at me, and Elizabeth had fun whacking me with the flag. Came back to Cs that night and saw Lindsay cuz she's back in town :-) The only thing i did productive on Sunday was meet my engineering team to practice shooting raquetballs into the basketball goal with our monty python sling shot... And i was doing pretty bad, hopefully will be better today b/c that's my team's grade on the line :-/. Can't wait till this week is over! Get to go home, although i have no idea where home is right now. My parents are in vegas(which apparently is an evil place...), and i was planning on going back to tyler wednesday, but they won't be back into probably thursday morning, so i can't leave until thurs. Whatever, i just want out of Cs for a while, so i can be ready to come back when everyone's here again. ( i dont know how that makes sense, but it does to me) Ready for new freshmen!!!! I hope i dont scare them away.. haha. Nah, i'm really excited because now i can be on the other end and try to help them out. I hated being a freshmen, and remember how hard it was to start over... twice. So i'm excited :-D!
Peace out yo