Saturday, January 17, 2004

Its been a great day... although i've never heard of fast food italian... it was an experience i must say... yet chinese buffets are always good... thus now you know what i ate today... to much information i know
and for more information... i'm now watching Dr. Dolittle and its oh so great to watch cute movies that mean nothing.
I think i'm suffering from sleep deprivation... what else is new.... hmmmm....
I redecorated my dorm to the best of my ability w/out touching my roommate's stuff....that was the major task for the day... oh and did laundry
now i'm just rambling nonsense

but i leave you with this

"The whistle goes WOO WOO.... It's only in da mornin! People should be eaten breakfast! Its like an alarm clock... WOO WOO"

Friday, January 16, 2004

the break is over and I have no shame in saying I'm glad. So much has gone on in my life and I'm learning more everyday. My trip to Mexico was fantastic, I really learned a lot from those kids, I think I gained more from it than they actually got out of me working. All of them, even though I couldn't understand much what they said, had an amazing heart... but love is so universal, it doesn't matter what language you speak. This trip really made me think, about everything happening in my life, good and bad. Its amazing and I'm blown away. It helped me build a new perspective and understand many situations, even things that happened afterwards.
I talked to my mom after we got back to College Station and the cancer my grandfather has been fighting for years and we thought had left is back, and its not going away. He's celebrating his 80th birthday next weekend, so I'm missing Crunchtime retreat. It really upsets me cuz I've looking forward to Crunchtime for so long, but it might be the last time I see him. So much going on, but i've learned so much about myself the past week, I know there is a grander plan. I dont understand why things happen sometimes, why people do some things, or the reasons behind them, but I know its for a reason. I dont understand a lot of things, but I guess that's why we have faith, faith in knowing that God has the answer for things that I can't comprehend.

"Jesus, I fell You near me
Your hands giving life to my body
Your spirit healing life to me
Holding my heart in sweet security

God, I need Your grace
Let Your Spirit rescue me
God, I need Your love
Let Your grace shine through me

Jesus, you fill the space in me
Sealing these dreams in shapes of purity
Freeing my heart to deep eternity

God, I seek Your face
Let Your Spirit rescue me
God, I need Your love
Let Your grace shine through me"
- The Benjamin Gate