Friday, May 09, 2003

Wow am I a genius! ha, and the sad thing is I did it twice! If you didn't catch it, you must me British! And you would be a very cool person! but hey ya'll are all cool!

Well hello, my adoring fans, jk. Actually since no one ever comments, I wonder if anyone ever reads this, which is just as well because hey I don't care. So Yesterday was about as hectic and tiring as they come. Honors Convocation lasted forever, and congrats on those how won stuff, the comment I made about overachievers was just jealousy coming out cus I knew I wouldn't get anything (Way to be blunt about it...) Anyways, It's pretty hard to beat the genious in the grade anyways, I won't mention names, but you get the picture. BTW me and the genious got flowers for prom, red roses, (how traditional) but I love red roses all the same. Well after Honors Convocation I had 45 minutes to make the 20 min ride home, dress for my choir performance, skip dinner, and make the 20 minute ride to church. Needless to say, the whole choir was late. Oh well. And the only people who came to the concert were parents, but I better see all of you at the Pops Concert next Thursday! No more chances. Ok, well i'm gone

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

this is my expression of today:
ok, got that out, I'm happy now :o). I just got done working out with Beth, we've started a habit of running, ummmm well walking too everyday. Somebody needs to get in shape for college *cough*Adrienne*cough* and Beth's there for moral support (Thanks Beth!) Anyways, I'm not talking about what happened at school today, but I will admit I'm throughly confused. Honors Convocation is tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it because It's just a cermony for overachievers and the seniors. I mean it should be cool since I'm a senior, but I always get depressed. The senior video should be awesome though! And then (Whoppeee) we have a choir concert tomorrow night (after I order flowers for prom). Everyone should come to see what the choir has been working their butts off for competition! I'm serious, or you'll have me to deal with! Well prom is around the corner which means... END OF SCHOOL!!!!!!! you don't know how long I've been waiting for this. I'm excited! Can you tell? Oh well, I wish my comments were working then I'd tell you to comment, but nobody would anyway - Ha! that's one of those guilt trip things where your like, awww... I'll comment! but nobody ever does... ok I guess what I'm trying to say is, you know I really don't know. Geez, I just confuse myself. Wait wish me good luck on the AP Calculus test tomorrow! trust me, I need it
Song of the Moment: Failure to Excommunicate- Relient K

Monday, May 05, 2003

I'm worn out. My weekend was good. I spent all Saturday with Beth, first at the NHS service project helping kids fish (there were some huge fish, let me tell you!) and then shopping for a prom dress which I've yet to find, we spent a total of 5 hours shopping, my feet were killing me, but I had a blast. Then Sunday after church I went to see (yes I hang my head in shame) The Lizzie McGuire movie. It was actually good, except for the annoying cartoon that kept popping up. My experience would have been better if I hadn't tripped in front of the movie theater packed with pre-teens and was laughed at by Michael. It was pretty funny though. Then since Kelly's back in town (YEA!!!!!!) we decided to do something "active" so we went roller blading in the park where I preceded to fall 3 more times which makes of grand total of 4 times in one day! So that was my lovely weekend. And now It's just another maniac Monday, wish it were Sunday. Actually I'm not look forward to graduation as odd as that might sound. I'm not ready to leave, yet I'm ready to be out on my own. I hate all the work your own graduation requires, the constant questions about where your going, what your going to major in, everyone asking about your whole life and for pictures of you. I don't know, there are times its fun, but it's getting old. I guess I'm just unsentimental or something. Or maybe its the fact I still don't know what I'm doing. I hate being put on hold especially since I might have to move on a weeks notice because a stupid university doesn't know how to make decisions.
Umk that's my spill for the day... amazing how much better complaining makes you feel sometimes, although it solves nothing. I could complain somemore, but if you want just call me, i'll be home.