Thursday, July 29, 2004

hey *random insult*
what's shakin bakin?
I want to make a special shout out to my girl PJ.. for all the times you are there for me, and i'm not for you! i'm sorry girl :-/ i promise to be a better friend! (sorry just been on my mind for a while) SO...
how's my life goin... you ask....
This past weekend was a blast, despite my car dying on me ( that was really annoying but kinda funny) I missed going to see ester's follies in austin w/ susan, but when my car got out of the shop, i drove down to austin anyways. Had fun touring the LBJ Library and Mueseum, buying frames and canvas at Aaron Brothers, chillin on the drag, and sneaking into the movies to see Bourne Supremecy.. which was awesome. Went to see it again on Monday, and had the privelge of sitting next to a drunk slut who was all over her boyfriend the entire time... normally this wouldnt' bother me but.... IT'S MONDAY NIGHT!!!! you dont get drunk on monday night! jeez... people need to get a life. Anyways about to go finish my engineering exam so, you people have fun.... i know i will
P.S. I promise to write more... eventually