Friday, January 02, 2004

Yes, i've revived the mood ring
Ok first off.. let's just do the lists:

Awesome things I got for Christmas or bought for myself:
Pirates of the Caribbean DVD
Princess Bride DVD
Trampoline (yea, those things are fun!)
LOTR books
purses (does that go w/ clothes?)
Some Cds
Ok I thought this list would be more exciting, nevermind

Things I'm promising myself next semester:
Learn how to play guitar ( btw anyone who wants to give me lessons, IM me or something, I will pay!)
Hopefully try out for choir
Do Homework
Go to Class
Make better grades
Two fun days in Austin
Go to the Rec more than a couple times a week (hopefully everyday)
Not eat at Underground so much
OH, big one: since i have 8 o'clocks every morning cept friday (bleh)
try to get up earlier in mornings to actually spending more than 10 minutes total showering and getting ready in the morning. ( yes, i hit the snooze button at least 5 times every morning)
Even bigger one: Not stay on AIM so much... but i think homework should help take care of this one.

OK, no more boring details, I'm tired, I live in Tyler, there's nothing better to do than sleep, so goodnight ya'll, I'll write something deeper later when my brain is working, or maybe I won't

Boys of Summer- The Ataris

Ok, i need an outlet, i'm sorry if this offends anyone in any way, this is my opinion, and i have the right to it. I hate drinking... no let me clear up..... i believe in drinking in moderation... but i'm completely against getting drunk. I dont understand the point behind it, it ruins lives, and what's fun about it? I guess i'm asking these rhetorical questions w/ no real experience or expertise behind it, but honestly... give me a reason its fun to be completely smashed, make a fool of yourself, don't know what your doing, throw up all night, and wake up with a horrible headache. I'm guessing w/ some this order isn't the exact case, but still give me a reason. Does it make you happy? So you have to be dependent on some substance to make you happy? how sad is that... really....