Saturday, July 03, 2004

So according to I am a porn star... in which susan and kristin agree that i need some jesus in my life. Well, I didn't believe I had such a bright future ahead of me... maybe that's why i'm not doing good in school.. haha...
So this morning.. yea for waking up at the crack of dawn.. didn't get enough sleep to recover from this horrible week.. feeling i wont get any anytime soon either. History Exam on Monday... hopefully I"ll be able to pull off the majority of these questions.. its just too huge of a book.. :( and text book. My car looks like crap.. reflects the way i feel after spending 6 hours in it. I get back into town, and fearing the ineviable of the dorm room atmosphere, I chill at wesley for a while, then went to eat w/ nancy, sarah, and nick. Then we talked about boys and short and tall people, then eventually ended up at shivers, and still didn't get the copies for the choir and praise team board printed out... oh well. I was tired from driving home, so decided to face the dorm, and return, to find my roommate and suitemate's beginning of packing their things to leave, so i get the room to myself tonight, and i'm kinda excited, cuz i dont get much time to myself. I missed going to Galveston w/ my 07 Wesley crew, but i'll hopefully see some of them tomorrow when they pass through. My puppy (daisy) got bit by a copperhead today, and came close to a near death experience, upset me some. The venom made her neck swell, and my dad took her to the vet right before she lost her ability to breathe. I got to see our house finished (actually its not finished, but very close to it). Its crazy, and huge, but I'm glad I dont live in it, cuz huge houses freak me out.
On the ride home today, I was thinking a lot about my different passions, I guess trying to get direction in my life. I thought about all the weird music I like, and I pretty much like every genre, minus the majority of country. Anyways, its crazy, and then random friend calls me on the way and i talk about my major some. He told me that if I had the passion for it, I should stick w/ it, but I dont even know what I have a passion for anymore. My mom always observed that my only true calling or passion was to music, but I refused to take that path in life. I know I won't make it as a performer, and I honestly don't have the patience, skills, or passion for teaching. So that's out.. ( I suck at writing and reading, so that excludes the rest of libral arts) So that leaves me w/ my next to best strongest suite... math and science. Well that pretty much sucks right now too...So i'm just confused wondering what the heck I'm supposed to do, and wondering where God is trying to direct me. I dont understand if he's trying to push me away from aerospace engineering, or showing me that if I really want this, that I have to work for it. Well, now that I remember the reason for taking this path, my passion is longer down the line from this starting point, and i guess i should just try to study hard and figure it out later, cuz its not going to come to me tonight, and i'm tired.
So ummm later guys!

random quote:
"Sting...Sting would be another person who's a hero. The music that he's made over the years, I don't really listen to, but I respect the fact that he's making it."

So far this weekend has been crazy and awesome. I guess since i'm an aggie, weekends start on thursday, well i spent thursday night studying in the computer lounge for my test on the white board, and ended up getting kinda loopy off the markers.. it was crazy.. not really. Then went back to my dorm... that was... umm... interesting. This morning I managed to get more mad at professor than I have w/ probably anybody in my life.. that's a fabrication, but I was pretty upset. My prof decides to come.. oh about 30 min late for the test... hands us the test, goes back to his car to get the equation sheets, hands those to us about 10 min later. So about 40 min into the test, we finally get to start actually working on it. Well of course, we're expected to turn it in on time anyways... ughh...can i scream now???? no wait, there's more, the idiotic professor decides to be a jerk when NOONE is done w/ the test at time.. so what does he do???? proceeds to open up closet drawers and bang them, and just starts throwing a fit, in front of the whole class.. what an idiot. But the day can only get better... and it did. History was fun, I like drawing stupid pictures of people and places for elizabeth, and then get laughed at by the guys who always sit and snore behind us. Then i got to drive 3 hours home and sang along w/ my music at the top of my lungs the whole way... haha, its been a while since i got to do that. Then my parents had a huge 4th of July party (on the 2nd) for family and friends.. more on the friends side.. there were a ton of people and professional fireworks, it was an awesome show! Before the party though, my brother and I decided to take the four-wheelers for a spin... haha, funny story... well my brother's wouldn't start, so he climbs onto mine and we ride around for a while. Well, the trail in the woods has suffered some damage from storms, and there's trees down all over the place. We come across this huge tree, and Andrew tries to talk me out of it, but I decide to take it on. Well, Andrew was right, I got the freak'n thing stuck over the tree trunk, and my dad gets to see our smiling faces walking out of the woods. My dad just stares at us and asks "What did ya'll do to the four wheeler?" Andrew just starts laughing, and I explain how i got it caught over the stupid tree trunk laying in the trail. btw, Andrew and I are sporting lovely burn marks from trying to push the thing over the trunk and landing our arms on the engine (ouch) and mosquito bites from having to trudge through the swamp. So my dad and I go back and unstick the four-wheeler, and I still feel like an idiot, as I normally do. It was awesome getting to talk w/ my grandparents and family though, hadn't really seen any of them since Christmas. Crazy huh? well i'm worn out.. and smell bad, so its bath and bed :-)