Wednesday, February 11, 2004

so yea, this morning was CRAZY!
so i go to bed early, not having studied for my two quizzes today... and for some reason, i dont really care. My life has just been really stressful lately, so i'm banking on being lazy. Well this morning around 6:30, my dorm phone rings. Since no one ever really calls my dorm (usually its the cell phone) and I look at the number and i dont recognize it, so I'm just like... "ok, maybe its a wrong call, i'm not answering it... i'm so sick of those people calling" so i get back in bed and try to fall asleep. Then the phone rings again..... "ok, fine i'll answer it, and tell them they have the wrong number"...
"yea, we're outside your dorm, come downstairs, we're waiting on you...."
yea, not exactly the greatest words to wake up to ....right?
turns out it was my "family" from choir, the producers (older people in choir) have a tradition of waking up the pollards (new people) taking them to get donuts in the morning.... Didn't know about this
luckly my roommate was gone last night and no one in my dorm was from century singers who could let them in....
so, it was a lot of fun :o) but i'm not really a morning person.... so now i'm going to take a shower... cuz i look and feel like crap

Monday, February 09, 2004

So yea, i'm sitting here, i should be reading the history i didn't get done this weekend, but for some reason, I'm not worried about it, even though i really should be. I think I figured out that I'm sick because I've been so stressed out lately and then I try to stay up late to finish homework, so I dont get any sleep, and then I have 8 o clocks... its just a really bad cycle or trap, and I haven't been able to get, better, and i'm just tired of being sick. So in conclusion? I'm being lazy until I get better... sounds like a good plan to me, maybe not my classes though... oh well, i dont really care anymore. I was looking at my schedule and seems like the this week might be the last of my efforts to try and keep up in history... I cant keep up w/ my other classes and its getting really frustrating, cuz I actually love all my other classes, but i hate history. I'm doing a lot better this semester than I was last semester. Everything just seems ten times better. I think switching colleges is the harder than the transition from high school to college. I was talking to Priscilla last night and I was thinking about how much my life has changed from just a year ago. I've built up 2 completely lives in seperate places, and lost my life at home. I dont have a place I can call home anymore, all my friends have changed, we all have are seperate lives now. I'm just searching for something that's still stable, that hasn't changed.... and I can't find it. I dont hate change, I actually love it... but its been so drastic lately... there's no familiarity, no comfort zone.